Un segment de limes redescoperit: Luncaviţa, jud. Tulcea

Cercetări Arheologice 25, 2018, 105-118

Un segment de limes redescoperit: Luncaviţa, jud. Tulcea

Authors: Ovidiu Ţentea

Keywords: Roman frontiers; Principate; Danube; Roman forts; archaeological sites


This paper studies the discoveries made in five archaeological sites from the Principate Age situated in a relatively small area in the vicinity of 2 neighboring forts situated on the Lower Danube. This is a continuation of a previous study which brought back to attention the roman fort from Luncavița, Dealul Milan. In addition to the new found information that gives further insight into the fort on the Dealul Milan, this study integrates the observations regarding the Rachelu fort (quadriburgium) and three other sites nearby. We emphasize the location of the two forts and an archaeological site (most probably, a necropolis) on the higher terrace of the Danube. This is a feature of most of the Roman forts situated on the Danubian frontier. The arrangement of these five sites gives us a much more relevant perspective over the size of the territory’s occupation during the Principate and the way in which the military installations and road networks functioned.

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How to cite: Ovidiu Ţentea, Un segment de limes redescoperit: Luncaviţa, jud. Tulcea, Cercetări Arheologice, Vol. 25, pag. 105-118, 2018, doi: https://doi.org/10.46535/ca.25.06

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