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Open-Access Journal| Peer-Review Evaluation| Biannual Journal

Aims and Scope

The aim of this journal is to bring together the works of specialists from Romania and abroad in order to create relevant content. The scope is that though this publication researchers are encouraged to publish high end/high quality research. The articles included are scientific papers of interest for both specific and broad research, archaeological reports and book reviews. Cercetări Arheologice promotes original papers, pluridisciplinary studies and articles that can generate debate in the scientific community and lead to a better understanding of various fields of study.


The journal focuses mainly on topics such as archaeology, history and pluridisciplinary research.


This journal was first published in 1975. Since 2021 it is published biannually.

Open Access Policy

Downloading papers published in Cercetări Arheologice is possible without login to the website. The journal adheres to the Open Access Policy in order to facilitate access to research and easier dissemination of results obtained during research.


The authors allow Cercetări Arheologice to publish the submitted article for the first time and agree that their work can be downloaded for free. They can upload the paper on multiple online platforms. Authors can submit their paper to other publishers as well, after it appeared in Cercetări Arheologice, but have to mention in the new publication that it was first published in this journal and the identification data.


Paper submission, processing and publication is free of charge.

Archaeological reports

Reports of archaeological excavations throughout the country.



Scientific articles and studies of interest for the entire community.

Multidisciplinary studies

Multidisciplinary studies

Scientific contributions resulting from multidisciplinary



Comments, reviews or summaries of books and works of scientific value in the field.



The list of the international databases our journal is indexed.

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