Teracote din așezarea civilă romană de la Ostrov (Durostorum), jud. Constanța (III)

Cercetări Arheologice 24, 2017, 151-186

Teracote din așezarea civilă romană de la Ostrov (Durostorum), jud. Constanța (III)

Authors: Adela Bâltâc, Christina Știrbulescu

Keywords: archaeological diggings; terracottas; the Thracian Horseman; Venus; Roman era


The present paper is the third one about an important group of material unearthed during the archaeological diggings of the Roman settlement at Ostrov (Durostorum), Constanța County, “Ferma 4” site. The first two papers presented 103 items discovered during the 1998–2007 campaigns. Subsequently the studying over 520 terracottas found during the 2008–2016 campaigns, could be achieved a better division of the terracottas on categories, as it follows: human statuettes, animal statuettes, constitutive elements of complexed objects and incerta. In the present study are displayed 79 items from the human statuettes category, comprising the individual statuettes and the statuary groups. In the current paper have been identified 14 pieces representing deities, 22 pieces representing private male statuettes, 18 female statuettes and 25 fragments representing parts of human statuettes (9 body fragments, 10 arms fragments and 6 feet fragments). Among the presented pieces, a specific debate concerns the Thracian Horseman (cat. no. 1). The clay representations of the local god are scarce, despite the thousands stone representations in the Thracian milieu. Also, are displayed new items representing Venus, a well-known deity to the coroplastic art of Ostrov. Is further individualized one female statuettes (cat. no. 35) who can be remarked through the fashion of garment and the hands position. Due to the support of the archaeological context, the items can be dated to the mid-second century – mid-third century AD.

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How to cite: Adela Bâltâc, Christina Știrbulescu, Teracote din așezarea civilă romană de la Ostrov (Durostorum), jud. Constanța (III), Cercetări Arheologice, Vol. 24, pag. 151-186, 2017, doi: https://doi.org/10.46535/ca.24.07

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