Un nou fort roman la Cumidava-Râşnov

Cercetări Arheologice 24, 2017, 143-150

Un nou fort roman la Cumidava-Râşnov

Authors: Ovidiu Țentea, Alexandru Popa, Liviu Petculescu

Keywords: Dacia; frontiers; limes; fortlet; geophysical survey


This study presents the most relevant results of the geophysical surveys carried out in the framework of the LIMES National Program within the Râşnov – Cumidava fort and civil settlement. The Râșnov Roman Fort was considered in its first phase, namely between 101–118 AD, as a component part of the northern frontier of the province of Moesia Inferior, which would have been extended at that time also in the south-east of Transylvania. The strategic role of the fort would have been to defend the access point in the province from the north through The Bran Pass. After 118/119 AD it would have become a fortification of Dacia Inferior. The most important result of the magnetometric research is the discovery of a fortlet (with the dimensions of 73 by 50 m). It had two entrances on the West and East sides. Inside, you can see the prints of some building complexes, arranged along a road that connects the two entrances. The archaeological verification of the result of the geophysical survey was done by excavating in 2017 a section where the third (outer) ditch of the larger fort and the ditch of the small fortification was discovered. The best known analogy for the small fortification at Râșnov is the Castleshaw fortlet. This new fortlet is the earliest Roman fortification known in Râșnov, and can be connected with the functioning of the small fortification in Rucăr (dated between 102–118 AD). Through this discovery, we obtained a new archaeological argument on the link between the legionary camp at Novae and the southeast of Transylvania on the Transalutanus line dating from the reign of Emperor Trajan.

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How to cite: Ovidiu Țentea, Alexandru Popa, Liviu Petculescu, Un nou fort roman la Cumidava-Râşnov, Cercetări Arheologice, Vol. 24, pag. 143-150, 2017, doi: https://doi.org/10.46535/ca.24.06

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