Opaițele romane de la Micia (I)

Cercetări Arheologice 24, 2017, 101-134

Opaițele romane de la Micia (I)

Authors: Cătălina- Mihaela Neagu, Ionuț Bocan

Keywords: lamps; stamps; workshop; northern italic imports; local products


The artefacts uncovered in the Roman settlement at Micia, numerous and well assorted, consist in pottery, metal artefacts, stone and glass artefacts. Among pottery finds, the lamps are of a particular interest from the artistic as well as from the quantitative points of view. Thus, in the collections of the National History Museum of Romania there are 41 lightning devices coming from the Roman baths at Micia: 40 lamps and one candlestick. In addition, it should be mentioned the fact that between those 41 analyzed pieces, only 24 are unpublished, the rest from17 being analyzed by Marieta Gheorghiță, in one study in 1975, in periodical Sargetia.

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How to cite: Cătălina- Mihaela Neagu, Ionuț Bocan, Opaițele romane de la Micia (I), Cercetări Arheologice, Vol. 24, pag. 101-134, 2017, doi: https://doi.org/10.46535/ca.24.04

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