Un fort roman descoperit în zona Galați

Cercetări Arheologice 23, 2016, 127-136

Un fort roman descoperit în zona Galați

Authors: Ovidiu Țentea

Keywords: Roman Period; Danube; frontiers; Galați; fortlet


The present study refers to the discovery of a new Roman fortlet situated in the proximity of the Barboși fort, which functioned inside the area bordered by Valul Traian – Tulucești. The fortlet was identified during the multi-disciplinary research campaigns from 2008 and 2010 (oblique aerial photography, satellite photography, and field-walking). Clues concerning the dating of the fortlet were obtained by studying the amphorae fragments discovered on site during the field-walking. The typological information provided by the amphorae fragments allows us to formulate the hypothesis for a broad 2nd c. dating for this fortlet. The location of the fortlet, as well as the other archaeological discoveries within the Valul Traian – Tulucești area, took into consideration the various tasks that the Roman soldiers were supposed to perform. In this case it is our opinion that the fortlet had a strategic military purpose.

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