Cercetări arheologice preventive la Balomiru de Câmp (jud. Alba)

Cercetări Arheologice 20, 2013, 103-140

Cercetări arheologice preventive la Balomiru de Câmp (jud. Alba)

Authors: Emil Dumitrașcu, Alexandru Rațiu, Alexandra Dolea

Keywords: preventive archaeology; early medieval dwellings; the Mureş Valley; Early Medieval pottery


The archaeological research at Balomiru de Câmp (Şibot commune, Alba County) was undertaken in the framework of Autostrada National Research Project and was carried out in April-May 2012. The archaeological excavations led to the discovery of 13 archaeological complexes: a Roman building and its debris, 8 dwellings and 2 kilns from the Early Medieval period. The Roman building represents an annex of a rural Villa type complex from the 2″d-3’d c. Due to intensive agricultural works and natural phenomena, the only preserved part of the building is the foundation. Out of the numerous findings discovered in the building’s context we can mention a stamped ceramic lamp (FA VOR I F) and two tile fragments bearing the stamp of a local manufacturer (L S). The medieval dwellings belong to a settlement from the l l 1h-131 h c.; the structure ‘s size cannot be accurately determined at this point of the investigations. The artefacts found in the dwellings are similar to other finds of early medieval period made along the Mureş Valley. Among them we can mention a large quantity of pottery (such as ceramic cauldrons, cooking pots and pot lids along with metal artefacts (an iron spur, an arrowhead, a spearhead etc.) A particular feature of the site is represented by the wide spread network of modem draining ditches covering an important area of the investigation area, which overlap or cut in some cases the archaeological complexes making their stratigraphy difficult to interpret.

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How to cite: Emil Dumitrașcu, Alexandru Rațiu, Alexandra Dolea, Cercetări arheologice preventive la Balomiru de Câmp (jud. Alba), Cercetări Arheologice, Vol. 20, pag. 103-140, 2013, doi: https://doi.org/10.46535/ca.20.02

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