Istoricul cercetărilor asupra ceramicii romano-bizantine din Dobrogea

Cercetări Arheologice 17, 2010, 105-125

Istoricul cercetărilor asupra ceramicii romano-bizantine din Dobrogea

Authors: Alexandru Bădescu

Keywords: study; late Roman pottery; Dobrogea


The author is trying to do a retrospective over the articles and the books about late Roman pottery from Dobrogea, and he is concluding some aspects about the way of the publications, and also about the quantity and the important or the Roman pottery studies in the last three decades. Between word interwar’s times there were only few ceramic artifacts published by Vasile Pârvan. This stage is characterized by lack of interest for pottery. At the end of the 5’11 decade and till the beginning of the 61 h of the last century, the pottery was infrequent mentioned in the annually archeological reports, the pottery is rare mentioned artifacts, and only like large categories or the remarkable pieces. After 1960 there were many archeological researches and an important part of the archeological material was published. Many of the archeological excavation had a rescue character, because in Romania, in that time, there were a lot of buildings constructions. After 1990, a lot of articles and books about Roman pottery there published, but not only the number has rise, but also the methodology of ceramic studies. Taking in account the archeological sites and the publication about Roman pottery from Lower Danube, the number of the publication from Dobrogea is a very large one, but there are still some important gaps between the Mediterranean arias and the Pontics one.

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