Valea Mostiștei. Așezarea gumelnițeană de la Sultana Malu Roșu

Cercetări Arheologice 14-15, 2008, 55-76

Valea Mostiștei. Așezarea gumelnițeană de la Sultana Malu Roșu

Authors: Radian Romus Andreescu, Cătălin Lazăr

Keywords: Landscape; position; houses; necropolis; artifacts; power; cult


The tell settlement from Sultana Malu Roşu stands out as one of the most rich and spectacular settlement from Gumelniţa-Karanovo VI-Kodjadermen culture. Sultana village (Mânăstirea commune) lays cca. 35 km West-North-West from the town of Călăraşi, and less than 15 km North from the Danube. The tell settlement from Malu Roşu location is placed on Iezerul Mostiştei Lake right shore, on a small peninsula. Nowadays, the settlement measures cca. 35–40 m on the North-West South-West axis and 25– 30 m on the South-East North-East (short) axis. The rest of the settlement has been destroyed by the lake waters. The first researches began in 1923, followed by rescue excavations in the ’70–‘80’s. Most of these researches results are still unpublished. Researches have been restarted in 2001 with spectacular results. There has been discovered between other things a burnt dwelling with many inside arrangements (like bench, heart) and a rich inventory including a small gold pendant. In fact many other special artifacts have been discovered in this site, like the “Goddess from Sultana” and the “Lovers vessel”. The site is placed on a dominant position, in opposition with other settlements belonging to Gumelniţa culture which are usually hidden in the environment. Taking also into consideration the richness of the archaeological inventory, the following question is raised: has the site from Sultana a specific particularity (religious center, power center or simply a richer settlement) in the frame of Gumelniţa culture? Even though there are reasons to lead to this conclusion, like the placement of the site and its archaeological inventory, the answer depends on the advancement of our knowledge concerning Gumelniţa civilization.

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