Unele probleme referitoare la datarea tezaurului de la Suceava

Cercetări Arheologice 10, 1997, 387-406

Unele probleme referitoare la datarea tezaurului de la Suceava

Authors: Cristina Anton Manea




The Treasure from Suceava” was found in front of Suceava fortress during the archaeological excavations performed in 1953. It is made up of 190 gold pieces and 745 genuine pearls:

– the 171 differently shaped appliques worked in filigree are to be divided into 12 types (fig. 3 – 24 and 30)
– 4 diadem fragments (fig. 1 – 2)
-5 double link s (fig. 4)
– 8 rectangular gold sheets with vegetal motifs (fig. 10)
– 6 rectangular plaques (5 with grooves. 1 with vegetal motifs 25)

The archaeological environment date the burying moment of this treasure to the middle of the 17th century (1653). Its pieces were robbed from the monasteries of Moldavia.

Taking into account similar pieces found in Europe it was suggested that the appliques and diadem fragments should be dated in the 13th – 141 h centuries. These pearls and appliques embellished a hemispherical cap ended with a diadem.

The rectangular sheets and gold plaques might have been used as ornamentation elements for an icon, a book cover or a casket and they might be dated in the 16th – 17th centuries, a more precise, dating being not possible yet.

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