Mânăstirea Slobozia. Cercetări istorice şi arheologice

Cercetări Arheologice 10, 1997, 263-275

Mânăstirea Slobozia. Cercetări istorice şi arheologice

Authors: Anca Păunescu, Elena Renţa, Dana Mihai




The first part of this presents briefly documents attesting the beginning of this church. The monastery „Slobozia lui lenache” was built over the precincts of a tax free village. This is how the town Slobozia appeared and developed.

The name „Slobozia” is quite frequently met in toponimy and means a settlement that was tax free by the order of the ruler on a limited span of time.

Across centuries the smaller buildings of the monastery were destroyed and then rebuilt. This monastery had a quadrilateral precinct. During the last century the church was completely rebuilt in the middle of its precinct.

One can enter the monastery on the way under its steeple that was built during Matei Basarab’s ruling.

The archaeological researches were performed both outside and inside the precinct. The foundations of some demolished constructions, the walls of the small cells of the monastery as well as other smaller annexes were found, all of them dating from the same period, i.e. the 17th – 19th c. In the summer of 1996 was discovered a tower in front of the annexes which Joint with the first constructions in this place.

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