Tezaurul de aur din epoca bronzului descoperit pe teritoriul jud. Argeş

Cercetări Arheologice 09, 1992, 111-113

Tezaurul de aur din epoca bronzului descoperit pe teritoriul jud. Argeş

Authors: Doina Leahu

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According to some information from Mr. George Severeanu, a well-known collectioner from Bucharest, who lived in the late half of the 20th century, the treasure was found in Argeş county (without mentioning a certain place), in 1915. It contains 13 lock-rings and 12 gold beads. Although Curtea-de-Argeş is mentioned as a provenance place of the treasure in several papers, there is no argument to support that.
Now the treasure comprises only 12 lock-rings and 7 beads which means that 1 lock-ring and 5 beads are considered to be lost (in 1967 M . Gramatopol and V. Crăciunescu mentioned that this very treasure had 18 lock-rings and 7 beads; the error can be explained as follows: some other lock-rings from unknown places were included among the ones belonging to the treasure only because they were part of the collection „Marla and Dr. George Severeanu” too.
The lock-rings with a height between 2.5 cm and 3.5 cm and with a weight between 5.00 gm and 12.80 gm belong to the type Β 1 b of the typological classification made by Eugenia Zaharia. This kind of lock-ring has an oval shape, equal arms and boat-shaped ends. Three pieces are decorated with short oblique incised lines tangent to a longitudinal one; a second one is ornamented with a row of small incised circles whereas the third one has different ornamentation on the two arms — one arm has oblique short lines tangent to a longitudinal one, the other one with the same decoration on the external edge, but with a row of circles on the inner edge.
The seven frustrum of cone shaped beads with a central hole are not decorated.
When takin g into account the dimensions one can notice that one bead is the biggest (h=1. 6 cm, 0=2. 2 cm, wt. = 36.40 gm) while the other 6 are to be grouped two by two decreasingly (height varying between 1.2 cm and 0.6 cm), 0 between 1.6 and 1 cm; wt between 13,40 gm and 3.H5 gm). This means that all of them were, in fact, the pieces of a necklace.
The treasure from Argeş is to be dated about 15000—1400 B. C. — i.e. middle of the Bronze Age. A t the same time it can be considered as a certain thoroughly documented treasure in the area of the Tei culture in the Argeş county.

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How to cite: Doina Leahu, Tezaurul de aur din epoca bronzului descoperit pe teritoriul jud. Argeş, Cercetări Arheologice, Vol. 09, pag. 111-113, 1992, doi: https://doi.org/10.46535/ca.09.18