Cerceii elenistici din aur din colecţia Orghidan

Cercetări Arheologice 11, 2000, 407-410

Cerceii elenistici din aur din colecţia Orghidan

Authors: Alexandru Arbunescu

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The Orghidan Collection from the National History Museum of Romania comprises among other remarcable items some exquisite hellenistic ear rings. The technique details and the style analogies are enough arguments to date the types of the hellenistic earings from Orghidan Collection between the end of the 4t h century and the second half of the 3 r d century B.C. The provenience of the pieces is unfortunately unknown because the most of the objects have been acquired for engineer Constantin Orghidan by brokers at auctions in Romania or abroad. Still, considering the analogies of the most pieces from the Orghidan Collection with the ear rings discovered in the hellenistic cities from Dobrudja, there was a possibility, if not a certitude, that some of the items have been manufactured in local workshops.

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